I've turned in my final collections (but one!) and I have received;

7 Cowgirl Boot Vase
6 Rocky Road Paths
5 Carnival Banner
4 Ice Cream Planter
3 Yellow Bloomin' Cactus
2 Bucking Bull
1 Ice Cream Cottage
1 Animal Ferris Wheel (finally!)

It took me over 26 tries (27 to be exact) to get the wheel, but nonetheless, I still got it!

I only have 2 more out of the collection to win, but I'm stoping after the next 2 hours. I'm going to turn in the last collection then, but that was the plan anyway - regardless if I got the wheel or not. As that's all I wanted, I don't care about wining the dough slime or the pies, even at the start of the event I didn't care for it. But I'm so happy I'm able to take home this wheel.

But I actually lost all hope winning it, due to it being so late in the event. But what a nice surprise!
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