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Thread: Can't move!

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    Can't move!

    I?m on level 14... have a full barn and silo but have none of the items that come up in the delivery shed, I?m trying to sell items in order to buy more production buildings but without the option to do deliveries it?s impossible.
    I?ve played Castle story for years and never had this problem. I?ve spent some money on farm story 2 as well but if it won?t allow me to move forward I will dump it! Please respond.

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    I don't know what your delivery orders are requesting, but in general...

    - if you cannot make complete an order in a timely manner, discard the order and wait 37.5 minutes for the next one
    - sell raw goods rather than crafted items (odds are that players are looking for crafted items, but will buy raw goods to craft their own because some crafted items are hard to find)
    - craft livestock feed and sell those in batches of 2, 4, or 10; sell raw goods in quantities of 5 or 10
    - if you are going to sell crafted items, try selling in small quantities, such as what you see in may sell faster that way because players may only need 1 or 2 of something
    - if you need to, discard low-cost items that are not selling (such as French fries or Biscuits)
    - lower the selling price when you place things in your Side Shop; it may not help increase your coinage by much, but it may help move things out of your Shop more quickly

    Hopefully these tips help you to empty your inventory and increase space in your Silo and Barn.

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