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Thread: Castle Story 7/09: A Wonderful Spot of Tea | event information on page 1

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    I've had good luck getting teacups from the bushes. It also lists Ivy's Hut as a source for teacups, but I'm reluctant to collect right now in case the goals later ask me to collect from Ivy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WittyWitch View Post
    I’m assuming those are supposed to be for gems, not 25 coins.......... get ‘em while they’re hot!
    Cap at 99. : D
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    Quote Originally Posted by WittyWitch View Post
    I’m assuming those are supposed to be for gems, not 25 coins.......... get ‘em while they’re hot!
    I had a 20% return rate on my stack. I'd rather stick with the 30% bushes odds that someone else posted earlier.

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    You are not alone, you are just ahead of all others. Thank you for your contribution! Very nice artworks, first levels are pleasant to complete. Hopefully further levels won't require babysitting the game, I keep my fingers crossed. Wish everyone fun completing this event and good luck for achieving the goals & winning prizes!

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    I bought 8 of the rabbits and I could still buy more. Not sure how many we will need but they are 13k each. 20 mins in between clicks to raise them into adults.
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    Thank you so much to those of you forging ahead and posting goals and info for us. It is very helpful and greatly appreciated.

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    Pro tip: you can buy a second mushroom house for 3,000.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stormaurora42 View Post
    I upgraded my Mushroom hut to level 2 right away, and then got the next part of the story and crafts unlocked.
    Sometimes in these events you can't progress (make upcoming crafts, unless they're repeats of what you used at a previous level) until you get to that part in the story, so I wouldn't worry about waiting- just get to where you can start crafting things.

    I couldn't make tea until I got to Mushroom Growth lvl 3 and had the tea appear in my quest checkbox, before that only the thread appeared for lvl 2 growth.

    Good luck!

    I had to close and restart the game and then the upgrade appeared 😆

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    Also, you can only store 99 teacups max.

    Edit: sorry for the repeat!
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    I'm not at the bunny part yet but I have this funny thought to have adult bunnies and keep a group of babies to have a fluffle colony.

    Fun event so far, thank you!

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