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Thread: Savannah Expedition Event - 2020 July 8

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    Savannah Expedition Event - 2020 July 8

    An Expedition
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    Final preparations prior to event9

    How to Play?

    Getting Started
    1. Do all goals in order to get recipes to open
    2. Items to make recipes can be bought in paper
    3. Items made from Recipes are INVISIBLE

    Refer to General Guidelines for Goal Event in Event Guide and Frequently asked questions in Goal Guide to know what are the do's and dont's for goals.

    Goal 1 of 8: The Savannah
    I can imagine the drums echoing in the night and I feel the call to go exploring! If we want to bring a bit of exploration home, I bet that little swirly-horned friend running around the farm could help!
    Get 3 pairs of trekking boots from the Kudu
    Pops up like a butterfly
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Goal 2 of 8: The Savannah
    Where'd this animal come from? What kind of animal is it? I'm going to find out!
    Make 5 plane deliveries
    Get 1 Animal Guide - random drop planes
    Buy 1 watering hole from Market
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Recipe opens up in Deep Fryer upon completing Goal 2

    Goal 3 of 8: The Savannah
    We've got the good gear, so let's make some Expedition Bags for us and our friends!
    Use Animal Guide on the Watering Hole
    (Takes 1 hour)
    Get 1 Expedition Hat from the Watering Hole
    Make 12 Light Expedition Bags in Deep Fryer
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Recipe Light Expedition Bag
    15 minutes in Deep Fryer
    3 pair of Trekking Boots
    1 Expedition Hat

    Completing Goal 3 opens recipe in Bakery
    Goal 4 of 8: The Savannah
    I'm going to bring some cameras too, I want to take some really cool pictures!
    Get 10 Bacon
    Get 1 Camera Gear - random drop pigs
    Make 3 Medium Expedition Bags in Bakery
    REWARDS: 200 coins, Busy Watering Hole, 3 experience points

    Recipe-Medium Expedition Bag
    Bakery - 30 minutes
    6 Trekking Boots
    2 Expedition Hats
    2 Camera Gear
    2 Apple Sugar

    Goal 5 of 8: The Savannah
    You want some food? Put it in the bag for later. Bread is good.
    Get 1 Bread from Bakery
    Make 4 Heavy Expedition Bags in Kitchen
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Recipe - Heavy Expedition Bag
    Kitchen - 30 minutes
    8 Trekking Boots
    3 Expedition Hats
    3 Camera Gear
    1 Bread

    Goal 6 of 8: The Savannah
    All these options! Got to give some tools and we've got gear for every type of explorer!
    Collect from Maple Trees 5 times
    Get 1 Multi Tool from Maple Trees
    Make 3 Expedition Bags
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Recipe - Expedition Bag
    Kitchen - 1 hour
    12 Trekking Boots
    6 Expedition Hats
    5 Camera Gear
    1 Multi Tool

    Goal 7 of 8: The Savannah
    We can camp during our farm expedition! I can't wait to see the stars at night!
    Get 1 Camp Lantern from fishing
    Get 1 Expedition Sack from mine
    Get 1 Expedition Camp Tent from studio - recipe follows
    REWARDS: 200 coins, Termite Mound, 3 experience points

    The following recipe will not appear in the Studio until you finish Goal 6
    Expedition Camp Tent
    Studio - 1 hour 30 minutes
    10 Camp Lanterns - from fishing
    6 Expedition Sacks - from mine
    4 Multi Tools - from Maple Trees
    18 Camera Gear - pigs

    Goal 8 of 8: The Savannah
    Dump all the stuff on a truck and we'll be able to move our expedition anywhere! I can't wait to explore!
    Get 1 Expedition Truck from Studio
    Give 4 Expedition Trucks - made in Studio
    Give 1 Expedition Camp Tent
    REWARDS: 200 coins, decoration, 3 experience points

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    Be Careful where you give your items!
    Work on one goal at a time.

    The Goal Below is for the Pet Kudu
    Who Do? Kudu!
    A Kudu is running around the farm! Let's see if we can find a place for it to stay!
    Visit 20 Community Farms
    Give 5 Expedition Trucks - Make in Studio
    Give 1 Expedition Camp Tent - Make in Studio
    REWARDS: 1000 coins, Kudu Pet, 30 experience points
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    Side Goal (optional) (if any)
    Bless the Rains
    Get a Busy Watering Hole for a chance at Expedition Hat, Camera Gears, and Multi Tools!
    Buy a Busy Watering Hole from Market - 35 gems
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Kudu Spotting
    Want better chances at items from the Kudu? Place the Kudu Sign on your Farm and you'll get boosted chances at Trekking Boots, Expedition Hat, Camera Gear, and Multi Tool.
    Buy Kudu Sign from Market - 100 gems
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Event Prizes
    Busy Watering Hole
    Termite Mound
    Savannah Rock
    Kudu - pet - lives in new habitat in Market.. I am thinking
    Note: Your event prizes can be found in your cellar.

    Decorations for Purchase Only
    Savannah Rains - 85 gems
    Savannah Jeep - 60 gems

    Event Boost (if any)
    Kudu Sign - 100 gems
    Busy Watering Hole - 35 gems
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