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    Destination Deck

    How do you get destination decks? I am at 24,970 since this morning. I have bred, evolved, hatched eggs, won tournaments and harvested food and nothing is helping my number go up.

    Today is the last day for the monthly dragon and I am only 30 away with no idea how to get the last few points.

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    I know this is a bit late, but you get 14 goal items for each hour of breeding, goal items during events and tournaments. Evolving and harvesting food do not count towards the items needed for the monthly dragon. If you breed almost constantly, get through all the events and all the tournaments you have more than enough. Each tournament should give you 1217 items if you go all the way through them.

    Tales gives you 4210 items if you go all the way through
    I am not sure what World Event or Leaderboard gives you.

    I have 7762 decks left, so I collected a total of 32762 during the month. Subtract out 4 tournaments and Tales and that leaves me with 23684. I breed probably say 22 hours a day once you add in missed time, breedings that ended just before I woke up at night, being busy at work, etc. Three 7 day events, one 10 day event is 31 days, plus one extra day between Tales and World event - so 32 days, 22 hours per day, 14 decks per hour is 9856.

    That leaves me with 13828 unaccounted for, split between 3 events (this month was 2 World events and one leaderboard) and you get 4609.33. So, lets say 4600 points per world or leaderboard.

    Someone else may know the exact number but math is fun for me.

    So, 4600 for World or Leaderboard
    4210 for Tales
    1217 for tournament
    The rest you have eto make up through breeding.

    I do it with one nest going but you do need to get to the end or near end of the events as well - I finish all events and tournaments and I always have extra, even the short months when we only have 3 events.

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    You can also buy them in the value packs but expensive for the few cards needed now eek

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    Thank you both!

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