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    An Expert Opinion

    I can?t seem to get this going. I have unlocked the glimmergate but when I click on Get an expert opinion, it doesn?t do anything except take me to the glimmergate and look for me to expand but but not where to. Does anyone know where I could be expanding to?

    I see other posts that say you need to complete “fashion piece” but I don’t have that as a goal or quest. Tia!

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    Look at your goal book, there do the goals open at you will move forward'
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    Hi, this might also help you. There are quite a lot of interlocking storylines going on, so you'll just need to do a few more things to progress. Look in the Story Outline Guide (page 2) for more info

    Must have completed Fashion Police from Glimmergate Pt.3 and Potion Shop Gossip from Lady Greselda. Greselda will be walking around your kindgom.
    1. Le Tour De Glimmerwood
    2. An Expert Opinion - this goal will auto complete if you have Old Thomas' House and have completed the goal, Fashion Police

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