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Thread: Mythical Birthday Event - 2020 June 10

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    Thank you for the birthday sale!

    I think there is a mistake in regards to the pig, chicken and sheep cupcakes currently on sale for 25 gems when the last sale they were 10.

    The cow cupcake was the one for 25 gems in that sale. @judyandthecat can you please confirm this, I think this is a mistake and needs to be corrected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobbar1 View Post
    Bad idea. The other birthday cakes were one with hard work. I?m proud to have one the first 3. Money should not be allowed to enter into this
    Why is it a bad idea ? I've been playing FS2 since the beginning, however all events weren't accesible by android at that time so is it a bad idea just because my device was not compatible for the events ?

    I see no harm in wanting to buy the first birthday cake which I didn't have access to and I'm sure a lot of other android players would like the same chance as you to own it.

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    Maybe you weren't yet playing Farm Story 2 are you didn't win some of these fabulous prizes.
    We have a Birthday Sale of decorations, pets and even a Path!
    Thank You Storm8 Team!
    Birthday Goat - 250 gems
    Birthday Bulldog - 120 gems
    Birthday Party Cat - 130 gems
    Birthday Kitten - 150 gems
    Birthday Puppy - 150 gems
    Cupcake Spinner - 25 gems
    Birthday Hat - 25 gems
    Birthday Carousel - 25 gems
    Balloon Animal - 25 gems
    Party Gazebo - 25 gems
    B-Day Air Balloon - 25 gems
    Party Table - 25 gems
    Birthday Mailbox - 10 gems
    Bouncy House - 25 gems
    Cow Cupcake - 25 gems
    Sheep Cupcake - 25 gems
    Pig Cupcake - 25 gems
    Chicken Cupcake - 25 gems
    Year 2 Birthday Cake - 80 gems
    Birthday Gifts - 38 gems
    Pin The Tail - 25 gems
    5th Birthday Cake -
    Party Time Patio - 38 gems
    Kitsune Lantern - 75 gems
    Kitsune Bunny - 75 gems
    Party Flamingo - 38 gems
    Birthday Balloons - 38 gems
    Cow Pinata - 38 gems
    Confetti Path - 1 gem
    Pinata Cow - 25 gems
    Clown Chicken- 25 gems
    Birthday Kitchen- 50 gems
    Birthday Barn - 100 gems
    Birthday Silo - 30 gems
    Pinata Sheep - 50 gems
    Birthday Farmhouse - 100 gems
    Birthday Cow - 50 gems
    Birthday Chicken - 50 gems
    Birthday Pig - 100 gems
    Birthday Sheep 60 gems

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    Just bought 50 confetti paths ... happy dance

    Thank you Stormie for the Birthday Sale. Looking forward to more sales in near future.

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    Is the kitsune bunny booth animated?

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    I really need kitsune charms if you have any extra to sell!

    Quote Originally Posted by lennumber1 View Post
    Finally finished this event. Still have 5 days left. Time to sell unneeded parts and help as many players as possible. A big thank you goes to those players that sold the kitsune charms from the chickens.

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    The bday goat is at full price. No discount, Stormy ?

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    Is there somewhere we can post requests etc. I would really really love a back up permission to use gems instead of it just being a tap and gems gone and something stupid done on the farm. I just made a chicken ready costing me 2 gems from trying to click on a stupid cow, I really hate that it doesn’t ask if you really want to spend those gems and just takes them. I’m sure it’s better to not ask for the makers but frustrating and annoying for the players

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    This is too difficult. There is no way to win that beautiful fox!!

    Quote Originally Posted by judyandthecat View Post
    Where To Find Event Items
    Random Drops
    Kitsune Prints - Zenko Kitsune pops up on farm
    Kitsune Charm - Chickens
    Tuft of Fur - Kitchen
    Kitsune Udon - Passion Fruit Vines
    Kitsune Fan - fishing
    Tail Charms -Plane deliveries
    Deep Fried Tofu - Plane Deliveries
    Kitsune Bell - mine

    All Items made from Recipes are invisible
    Kitsune Mask
    30 minutes Specialty Goods
    15 Kitsune Charm
    3 Kitsune Prints
    3 Tufts of Fur

    Kitsune Komono
    2 hours Farmer's Outpost
    2 Kitsune Udon
    3 Kitsune Fans
    3 Kitsune Prints

    Kitsune Wisp
    1 hour in Farmers Outpost
    3 Tail Charms
    2 Kitsune Bells
    3 Kitsune Prints

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    This is too difficult. Too much is required to win this kitsune fox!!

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