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Thread: Community Manager Thread

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    Fashion Story - need help

    Quote Originally Posted by Tasha_Goddess View Post
    Anyone having trouble with Fashion Story uploading. Keep getting message about not connected to internet. Is this game no longer compatible with Android? Bakery Story & Restaurant Story is working fine
    I'm having the same problem with Fashion Story since few days ago, have been playing this game for a long time and not sure what happened. Can anyone in support team help to fix it?

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    Please see the current thread on this issue in regards to Fashion Story on Android:
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    I was wondering if there will be a Spring sale. Also, does anyone know why FS hasn't ever offered different doors for our stores like in Bakery and Restaurant Story?

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    Gentle reminder: this thread is not a game discussion thread. Please direct game questions in the correct discussion forum. Most of these have a dedicated Help Me thread.

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    Hello, I couldn't connect to facebook and it went error everytime I do it, is ther anyway to fix it because I have quests that are stuck because of this and I wanna use the hands tools too.

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