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Thread: Community Manager Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kysha87 View Post
    I was in the middle of redecorating my restaurant in the pink and blue anchor hearts. Is there a way to bring them back for awhile?
    Please post in the Restaurant Discussion forum for game questions. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GroupMagma View Post
    Hey all,

    This is a thread you all can use to ask me specific questions regarding the forums, or to report threads of inappropriate language or content. You can also do these things over Visitor Messages and Private Messages, but I wanted to make a central location for this content on the forums themselves.

    Hey there, absolutely home design story. to my core and was a player from the beginning of your development. There was furniture items added every Thursday and we all miss that very much those of us who cherish this game and you know we are all over here waiting for you guys to come back and take care of this game again for us who love it to pieces. Is this ever going to happen? Are you guys ever going to come back to keep this game going for those of us who spend money like myself we want more out of it again with new items every week, or a spin off game you know something to keep us all going here. There is only so much we can do on this game and for those of us who really truly love it are still here and keep creating with the items that are available but know am speaking for a group here to try and desperately reach out for a plea of sympathy for your once beloved home design story. Happen to be friends with stormies home and know they are still designing from time to time so please if anyone there at your company cares about this game, can we please dedicate just a little time to it for us all please? If not I?d like to propose you to sell it to a developer who can take this to another level we are all hungry for it and know you must have heard this all a million times but it has been a few years it seems since new furniture has been added and that is just a straight disappointment for those of us who remember the exciting suspenseful weekly editions on every Thursday. Thank you for your time and please let me know what your plans are with this, do you ever plan to come back? Would you consider selling the entirety of the app to the right person? Please advise on this as will be looking eagerly to hear back, hope to talk soon and thanks for my all time favorite game hands down hope we can get someone at your company to recognize this issue and eat some new items added or something fresh! Alright take care and thanks again!

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