Why do I seem to get problems with most events in Dragon Story? It's either prizes not showing up in the storage, Dragons, or materials awarded that are needed to craft something for the next stage of the event. Now on this event like the last one the game isn't recognising that ive increased Freeshine Dragon to level 8! So I force closed the game as we'r? advised to do..... restart, then....nothings changed, so I've levelled up to 9....still no change. Force close game again.....the same! So frustrating, and valuable time lost.

And don't get me started on the ever elusive Anaphor Dragon....still trying to breed it, why include a Dragon that is difficult to obtain, maybe its storm 8's way of getting you to spend more Gold!!

Any ideas anyone?

xxmishxx (Storm ID)
Island- Fire
level 176