Why in the world are we having event after event after event where almost every dragon we need to breed and/or craft for these events as well as the dragons given as prizes have no habitats available to buy for coins???!!! Seriously I have so many flower dragons, present dragons, etc that have no habitats available for coins! When we started having all the events with the World dragons I read so happy to finally have habitats available that I could buy for coins until I realized that you can only buy 1 World habitat for coins and it only hold 2 dragons unless once again you spend hundreds of gold to upgrade the habitat. It?s frustrating enough to have to spend all my time breeding these stupid common dragons that I don?t want but need for these events & DT but to not have any coin habitats for these dragons is just a slap in the face. I?ve seen numerous posts about this problem already but nothing ever seems to be done about it which is why more and more people are starting to stop participating in all the events & Dragon Tales. Sorry for the rant but seriously I would really like an answer as to why this is still happening and when, if ever, there will be a solution to this problem!!!