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    Unhappy food gifts

    Can someone please tell me how to gift food I can't figure it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by fire8bird View Post
    Can someone please tell me how to gift food I can't figure it out
    There are several ways you can gift another player once they become your neighbor:
    - tap the "Gift" button next to their name in your neighbor list
    - tap the "Gift" button that appears in the lower right corner of your screen when you visit them
    - tap the "Gift Back" button that appears after accepting a gift from them in your News Feed

    Once you've chosen which neighbor you'd like to gift, the "Gift Menu" will appear at which point you will then have to scroll through the pages to find the specific gift you'd like to send. Keep in mind there are only a few foods/drinks (3 foods, 2 drinks) available for gifting and hundreds of parts so it may take you a while to find the food you're looking for.

    After selecting the food item you wish to send to your neighbor, the game will bring up a new page titled "Send Gift." At this point you'll see the neighbor originally selected to open the gifting menu (in step 1) will now have a check mark beside their name. You can either click the send button at the bottom of the screen and the chosen item will go to this single neighbor only or you can go down your entire list of neighbors and tick every box which will send the chosen item to all of your neighbors at once (called Mass Gifting).

    Here's a link to the Game Guide section on daily gifting/requests which should explain the rules on how many gifts/reqs each player can send/receive per day:
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    You have to scroll through 75+ other items to reach the food

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