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Thread: Cupcake Mania 1684

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    Exclamation Cupcake Mania 1684

    This level is not even close to possible. I have played it for two straight weeks - about 10-15 time a day (minimum). Anyone make it through it? I?m ready to find a new game.

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    Did you beat it yet? I’m about to give up on the game as well. It’s been weeks and it stopped being fun.

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    I have the same problem. Doesn?t seem possible with the number of plays allowed. Playing it for days.

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    I just got finished this level. I was on it for 2 days. I played until I got at least the middle cleared, then I used a row blaster to clear the frozen cupcakes. with 1 move left, I used a +5 moves I had, another row blaster and then one of those collector thingies to scoop up all the purple cupcakes I still needed.

    It’s a bad one alright. I save all my boosts and mitts and things for tough levels like this one. However, I spent far longer at 1643 though. I played that one for weeks.

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