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Thread: Whats the point of the Essence Roundup?

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    Whats the point of the Essence Roundup?

    You work all month towards achieving a dragon only to send it on a 24 hour quest to collect a whole 2 essence.

    Am I missing something?

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    Well the dragon itself is the reward for the work you do all month. Sending it on a quest for Essence is just a bonus, albeit a small one. The chance to quest is only open for a few days, and, if you choose to do that quest, it will tie up your outpost for 24 hours which would be better spent on questing for community event points, mystic maps, or food. So, again, the dragon itself is the reward. It is an ultra rare. if you don't like it, you can disenchant it for 100 essence.
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    Personally I find this "bonus" to be insulting. An entire day for 2 essence? Pshaw. Also, they always offer this ridiculous proposition during an event where we have another quest that we need to focus on. The entire thing is stupid IMO.
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    And yet we still play .....

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    I could always feel these kind of pains since I started to help a DS player who threw his phone each time after he failed in arena. That?s the reason why I started to play this game.

    When you really really love a game
    When you play really really hard and get negligible outcome
    When you have no chance to spend real money to purchase gold
    When you are getting more and more disappointed
    What will you do?

    So I enjoy this game with my own way. lol
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    The name says it all
    No point at all for that quest.

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