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Thread: GOAL: A Fancy Feast 2020 May 05 (15 Days)

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    I really adore the tables ♡♡
    Best tables in BS yet.

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    Very nice goal. The tables are to die for. So pretty! Counters are great too, pink with brown always look great together. Well done!

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    The tables, wallpaper & counters are So lovely! I also love the Crown design & the pampered photoshoot Goal prize! Can't wait to get those To put in My bakery

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    Lots of good here. Shaky inclusion of (or possible excluding) that busy tile, everything is nice so far. It seems to go together better than usual and I?m finding things on my inventory that blend well. The wall decorations go very nicely with paper!! Yay all of that.

    This new counter style, now that it?s popping up over and over again...I am not sure about it.

    First recipe looks good and looks like it?s picture, hoo-ray.

    The side goal prize looks like the older stuff that doesn?t blend well with the newer stuff. I?ll skip it.

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    The wallpaper, elegant display, counter and especially the table are beautiful. It reminds me of the pretty one we got during goals in RS but this one here is unique in its own way.

    Also the recipes are well done, once again. Thank you S8!

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    Hate the tile, off choice of dainty themed recipes and oven and all and that super busy tile but I have others that will go fine.

    Does anyone have any designs for their bakery based off this theme or similar? I may start a new thread for it as the ?show off ur bakery? hasn?t been added to since like Christmas.

    🍵❤️Tea is like my favorite thing in the world and I want to do a nice garden tea party theme (I know we?ve gotten tons of garden tea party-like deco in past.❤️🍵

    I like how I complained about a past goal asking for a ton of 2nd recipe on 2nd oven and then like 10 of the last recipe and it took me like 6 days to do the 28 7-hr recipes and it burnt me out and I didn?t want to log on. They changed it which is great they lowered the amount of 2nd to last recipes but wayyy increased the last recipe amount 😭😭😂

    Last thing and my ramblings will be done for now! Has anyone else felt that the side goal rewards have been WAY BETTER than the main goal rewards for the last couple 15 day goals? Maybe it?s just me but it seems the main goal reward is always a 4x4 deco that is nice but nothing too special and the side goal reward is a 6x6 or bigger and is something either really pretty or something really different? I?ve noticed it in the recent Restaurant Story 15 day goals with side goals. I only place the side reward and tbh as long as I get to the last recipe in goal ovens (I?m an obsessive completionist) I don?t feel too bummed if I don?t get the main goal reward. They rarely end up in my bakery anyways except for when it?s a spot that I couldn?t put a table in that a customer could get to.

    All the recent side goal rewards seem to have been something that was from a box you pay gems for. I?ve only ever gotten those boxes by clicking on them by accident but I keep wondering if the people who use real money to get gems and have gotten those boxes feel a little cheated. If only there was a way for them to sell back the double reward they?ll get for the original gem price or something idk.

    Rambling over. I?m a chronic rambler I am well aware. It?s only gotten worse tbh guys 😬😶🤷*♀️

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    thought at first wth we are going to be making Cat Food??? Love the colors! )

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    "Fancy Feast" made me think of cat food too! And I agree with VampireBlade1 that the side goal prizes have been better than the main goal prize. They are usually older decor from the good ol' days, and most importantly they usually have a transparent base! I almost never use floor decor with a base. I much prefer for whatever tiles I've chosen to show underneath the floor decor. Then you can get creative with it! Finally - "Papmeredpaper"? Really? Doesn't anyone proof the text before they post this stuff? And they have never fixed the "serve" instead of "buy" mistake either. Now my rant is over! Because on the positive side I have really liked the last several goals in so far as colors, designs, the look of the recipes, etc. The tables in this one are nice! I like how the bouquet in the center disappears when food is served, then comes back when the food is cleared.

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    NOTE: Wait to buy one of 2 counters until you reach buy any floor display. It counts not sure if table or chair works!!

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    Interesting. If I do the side goal (as that's all I'm interested in) would make me have 2 fountains. I'm glad though, that the lotus fountain I have wasn't gotten in the recent sale, because I feel like I would be a bit upset. Though, it doesn't bother me much, anymore. But I can see and understand the frustration with it. I'll just get 2, possibly so my first one still has a bit of value. Otherwise if I sit this one out, it would have no value no more.
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