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Thread: Leaderboard for walrus event

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    Leaderboard for walrus event

    Can someone tell me how after being in second place with over 6400 points, the person who has fluctuated in third or fourth position behind me suddenly jumps to second with 1000 plus points more then me in a matter of minutes? I?ve worked hard to keep my position to win the **** walrus...and now I just feel cheated.

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    On these shorter leaderboards with lower milestones, sometimes players can reach one milestone, then pick up a LOT of leaderboard points (the one time it happened for me, I think I had over 500 points) and start jumping from one milestone to the next, and each one gave another large amount of points.

    Or the player bought a package and got extra points that way.

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    Milestones were done at 2400 pts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poe333 View Post
    Milestones were done at 2400 pts.
    This is how it is done.
    Written by our very own ankavale1000

    Quote Originally Posted by ankavale1000 View Post
    Meow. I would like to share my experience. Meow.

    Every LB, there?s a 15point every 2hr thing ... let?s call this thing 15pointer.

    On a recent LB, I was running out of time to get to 6500. I had around 5000 and 6 hrs left.

    I?ve heard of, and got knocked out of top spots by, the legendary 15pointer. So I decided to give it a try.

    First, I clicked the 15pointer, then the speed up button popped up. I clicked away 4gems, then I swiped bucket over the 15pointer, voila I got 15 LB points!

    It?s not as fast as say collecting from chickens or cows, but it is FAST in accumulating LB points.

    I also used the yellow boost because I would use less gems since I needed 1500 LB points (breakdown provided below).

    1500 LB points (no boost)
    100 speed up x 4 is ... 400 gems

    1500 LB points (7 gem boost)
    67 speed up x 4 is 268 gems plus 7 gem boost is ... 275 gems

    1500 LB points (30 gem boost, double points)
    50 speed up x 4 is 200 gems plus 30 gem boost is ... 230 gems

    It took me less than 2 minutes to speed up 50x and got the milestone pet.

    That was the only time I used the 15pointer. My limit is 250 gems since that?s about the cost when a pet goes on sale.

    I?ve encountered many many many players who use the 15pointer. Some uses it from the start, a declaration so to speak, some uses it at the last minute, erasing the countless hours of hard work put in by fellow farmers. One time on my board, I had 4 players discussing on each other?s wall when they should stop using 15pointer ... they decided on 35,000. Lol.

    My take is that LB is designed for high rollers. I?ve heard of high roller table. I wonder why there isn?t a high roller LB ...

    Meow. I digress. Meow.

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    The walrus is marvellous, a really good pet and big . And the boat fountain is very pretty. Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by little_veggie View Post
    The walrus is marvellous, a really good pet and big . And the boat fountain is very pretty. Thank you
    The boat fountain is the best prize of this event for me. It?s so beautiful. I wonder if this fountain exists somewhere in the real world
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