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Thread: Rotten Cabbages no longer collecting/counting?

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    Rotten Cabbages no longer collecting/counting?

    Since the last switch-over in the Baron's Game Tent, my rotten cabbages are no longer collecting. I had 6 rosy cabbages and 30+ rotten cabbages. Then the game switched to the rosy cabbages and I suddenly had 30+ of those. My suspicion is the dev's got the two cabbages mixed up.

    Now that the "normal" rotten cabbages are to be thrown in the Baron's tent, I only have 6 "normal" rotten cabbages. When I collect from the Cabbage Hut, not only does my inventory of rotten cabbages NOT increase, they're not available anywhere in my inventory screen. I've collected 2 times now and my count is still at 6

    Anyone else having this problem?

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    Hi. Are you saying that you are seeing normal cabbages in your tent at the moment? As it is the weekend, it should be showing rosey cabbages so 6 would be correct, with rotten cabbages collecting behind the scenes.

    An easy way to tell what should be in the tent is whether the rosey cabbage bush is for sale in featured items.

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