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Thread: Lost Odette

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    Lost Odette

    Lost Odette... Finished the adventure four out of four. Was it rewarded Odette and then the lost sheep was rearranging where they were Win the game hiccuped like it?s been doing I?ve resent. The next thing I know the lost sheep is back where it once was but Odette is no where?s to be found. The adventure was over no recovery of her anywhere. Rebooted iPad and game many times in hopes that she would show back up. Sent a ticket and a storm eight has anyone else had this issue?

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    It's good you've lodged a ticket with S8 as it sounds like your game rolled back. They'll be the only ones who can fix it if force closing didn't help. Sorry it happened to you. It does happen occasionally that glitches like this happen.

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