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Thread: energy loss- anyone else?

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    energy loss- anyone else?

    i just went ot collect from all of my energy droppers (close to 100 dailies). i started at energy 953 (i always look because i'm curious if i get a larger than usual amount) i got through 5 or 6 of them and i got the galloping horse. ok i had been credited that energy. ( up to 979 energy) i went along and collected from the rest. got the galloping horse again. afterwards they all showed collected, but i was still at 979 energy!
    they all now showed a 22 hour timer, but no energy credit. there is no way i collected from another 80 something energy droppers and didn't get ANY more energy.
    any have this happen to them before?

    with all my dailies, i never get less than 350 energy. but somehow i managed to collect from about 90 sources and get a net gain of 26.
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    I'm sorry this happened to you. This has never happened to me (knock on wood) but the galloping horse dude sometimes rolls back other things similarly to what happened to you.I tend to mass collect my alis, so from now on I'll try to remember to make sure I have stable connection before I do that.

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    Yes its been happening to me too

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    I noticed it the other day.
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