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Thread: 1000 Page Inventory

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    1000 Page Inventory

    Don't you think that once you get to 1000 pages of inventory your should be awarded a better search function? ; )Click image for larger version. 

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    And I'd like the option to sell, even for $0, some of the items from previous goals that are no longer useful!!
    S8, please give us the sell option! It's so irritating having to scroll through hundreds & hundreds of pages to find something!!!
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    Lol you beat me, I need a few more month of normal play to reach this milestone. I have a lot of unique stuff on display my huge realm. And yeap we need a search function.
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    Maybe having 1000 page inventory can be one of the unofficial goals. ; )

    Yip, I SO want a search function. : )
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    i would even be happy if we could sort it alphabetically. at least then you could narrow it down
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    Sell, sort and search!!!!! (And can we please throw on a confirmation screen before I waste any more gems!)

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    Now whenever I receive an object as part of the rewards of an adventure, and I am offered the choice to store, place, or sell, I always sell it. I dont need more stuff in my inventory.
    Im not sure they will ever give us the option to sell things in inventory. I have been playing this game for several years and I have seen hundreds of people ask for this function.
    Ive actually never seen them give anything that anyone has ever requested here on the forums.

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