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Thread: Strategies for Expansions

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    Strategies for Expansions

    What are some of your strategies for expanding? Do you expand with coins or gems? Which is better? Any advantages? I'd love to hear from everyone. But first, I just wanna write down my experiences with expansions in bakery story.

    Expanding with gems is my most common choice for expansions as I don't need to have a certain amount of neighbors or be a level. On a lower level bakery of mine, (lvl64) My next expansion is 24x26, all of that was expanded with gems (except for the beginning). Gems are easy to come by on that account because I can watch ads. My other accounts don't have ads so I don't expand much either way. Any other reasons to expand with gems?

    When I first start any bakery, I expand with coins as it is very cheap. Now that my bakeries are within the 20 plus expansions, coins for expanding means lots of saving up, and lots of red velvet cake. I redecorate my places quite a bit, so I spend lots of money and expansions are ever harder. Plus, you need to be a certain level and have a certain amount of neighbors. This isn't a problem but still considered. Any other reasons to expand with coins?

    My gameplay is interesting, for sure, so maybe my ways are different. Send me an invite to ID rwbflicka (lvl99) if you wanna see what I mean when I say this. And, ID reannabird (lvl64). I am most active on those accounts. Thanks, cant wait to hear what my fellow players have to say about expanding.

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    I prefer and will unfortunately have to always use gems.

    Unless, I decided to save up my coins, which proves a very hard task for me - for what reason? I don't know. Though I do like buying pointless expensive wallpapers, flooring and tables. So maybe there? Lol

    Anyway, though I have to use iTunes money to do so, and sometimes my spending is limited per month, I still would choose this over coins, even if I saved up or had enough coins. As I like adding random expensive coin bits into my bakery.

    If you have to use coins, you would have to keep saving up - with gems (depending on how you get them) it can be instant. Especially if you have easy access to getting so many gems at once. Like I sometimes do. Though I am fortunate to do so, and have access to.

    On my bigger, 33x35 bakery, I have to use 25 dollars in iTunes money per expansion now, unless the expansions go on market sale. Because 25 dollars equates to 155 gems. I don't get the videos for gems anymore, so I now have to spend with real world money, via gift cards

    The last 5 expansions mark, needs 150 per upgraded size. Anyway, on that bakery, unless I can get more winter or Christmas decorations to fill up the last 4 expansions - that will be my final size for a bit.

    Anyway. Like you also said, expanding with gems; you don't need a specific amount of neighbours.

    This is my way that I've done so. Not the most best way going about it, but when I need an expansion to either add more decorations, or tables, I do it that way 99 percent of the time. It's definitely easier for me, at least.

    I think it comes down to biases and one's opinion about it.

    I don't have any particular advantage to it. Or strategies for it. As the way I go about it, doesn't really have any.

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