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Thread: Daily glitch that undos anything I do

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    Daily glitch that will undo anything I do

    I?ve only noticed it happening now that as soon as I collect the first food an ad pops up. I don?t get any free gems from the ad, I didn?t click to watch it and it won?t pop up until I?ve collected food from one appliance.

    That?s very annoying in itself and is another problem I?d like fixed, or at least give me a free gem for having to watch it haha.

    When I first come in, I?ll collect my tables and collect food and then it freezes up for a second and then the food is like I never collected it and all the tips are back. I sometimes will have it happen again after I?ve recollected. If I leave game and come back it often just happens again. If I let game sit for like 5 minutes before doing anything I?ll only get the ad pop up when I start collecting food. Not often does it happen after I?ve let it sit but sometimes I?ll set everything and leave game and then ~half hour later get a notification that the food I just collected a half hour earlier is about to expire and I?ll go in and it will either be expired or it will just show an empty appliance, as if I never started making anything else after collecting. That?s very annoying as sometimes it doesn?t let me know and I?ll go in expecting to collect my 8hr goal food to find it undid it and the appliances are if I never started cooking 😤

    It?s only been the last month, maybe two, days run together with the quarantine rn. I know it started happening when the ad pop up started when I collect food but idk if it?s related probably not.

    No I don?t need to update the game. No my internet is not having any problems and phone is working perfectly fine in all other aspects/apps.

    The ad pop up when first collecting food does happen in Bakery Story too but not the loss of progress so idk if the two are connected on RS.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!
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