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Thread: Silver Screen - 2020 Apr 16

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    Silver Screen - 2020 Apr 16

    Silver Screen This is a 10 days cruise.

    The Silver Screen Cruise has arrived! Holly is here to feature her favorite dishes! If you can show her how helpful you can be, then she showcase her features in your Restaurant!

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    Cruise Guide
    Refer to Cruise Guide for more information.

    Cruise Day
    This cruise uses Set C in
    - On Day 2, we'll know if Set A is being used. `
    - On Day 8, we'll know if it's Set B or C.

    Once you have completed all 10 days, Holly will visit your restaurant every few hours and drop you the ingredient to make the Bunny Box (gem recipe).

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    Gem Recipe
    Traquila Sunset Boulevard - 4 turbinado sugar + 10 vanilla +10 special ingredient (drops from the character) (Jubilee Oven)

    Limited Time Recipes
    The Codfather - 8 cream + 8 flour + + eggs + 8 ticket stub (Diner Stove)
    I Don't Give a Ham - 9 sugar + 9 basil + 9 tomatoes + 9 ticket stub (Commercial Range)
    Breakfast in Tiffany's - 10 eggs + 10 bread + 10 cream + 10 ticket stub (Celebration Stove)
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    Paul, thank you for posting the recipes. The gem recipe makes it easy for me not to take the time to finish the cruise today. Giving 10 vanilla for one gem is not reasonable.

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    I love the Taylor Swift lookalike. It?s almost like her out of the Wildest Dreams music video, and the tequila reference. Great job, S8!
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    OMG! The poster you can get in this event, of the red panda wearing a uniform next to a cherry blossom tree. Is so cute!

    And, is it a reference to Aggretsuko? She is also a red panda wearing a uniform.

    I love that anime!

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    How do you win the saddle divider? I can?t get past that goal. Can?t even buy it in the market. Also, am I waiting to click on Holly until I finish the rest of the cruise goals? I find this quest confusing.

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