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Thread: Fashion changes

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    Fashion changes

    Are there going to be newer fashions and more options for decorations, walls, floors?

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    Not in the foreseeable future.
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    Something really changed in the catalogue this weekend. It's in the beginning of it. I just don't know what exactly was either removed or added. Anyone??

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    yup, one clothes has been deleted from the catalog, but I can't remember which fashion is...

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    Thanks! It's a shame this game is not being updated anymore, don't you think?

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    yes, unfortunately they deleted the Cafe Cutie catalogue it was the one with the white lace rompers Im really sad. They made it limited time for Mothers Day and also a few decorations were taken away aswell

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    Yap, they took also alot of decor items which was avaliable all the time for years like the lengiry display spring 3 maneqines, birds bath etc. And now make them available for 5 days. All of those are items that we bought in the past. Instead of new items/ catalouges/ content, they took away items that have been available all the time for years and make them available for 5 days. Realy dissapointing

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    Quit taking away catalogs if you’re not going to replace them with anything!!

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    Agree. I can't redecorating as a lot of catalogs floor tiles wallpaper.... are no longer available. I will not buy gems displays as I know that in a month I will not find items to arrange with it. Why doing that ? You want money we want choices not less and less items.

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