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Thread: Costumed Easter - 2020 Apr 3

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    Costumed Easter - 2020 Apr 3

    Costumed Easter This is a 10 days cruise.

    The Costumed Easter Cruise has arrived! Bunny Girl Beth is here to hop in with her favorite dishes! If you can show her how helpful you can be, then she might hop her cottontail into your Restaurant!

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    Cruise Guide
    Refer to Cruise Guide for more information.

    Cruise Day
    This cruise uses Set C in
    - On Day 2, we'll know if Set A is being used. `
    - On Day 8, we'll know if it's Set B or C.

    Once you have completed all 10 days, Bunny Girl Beth will visit your restaurant every few hours and drop you the ingredient to make the Bunny Box (gem recipe).

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    Gem Recipe
    Bunny Box - 10 tomatoes + 10 basil + 10 garlic + 10 special ingredient (drops from the character) (Jubilee Oven)

    Limited Time Recipes
    Chick Box - 8 chicken + 8 eggs + 8 chocolate rabbit (Diner Stove)
    Lamb Box - 9 beef + 9 bread + 9 sugar + 9 chocolate rabbit (Commercial Range)
    Veggie Box - 10 flour + 10 garlic + 10 potatoes + 10 chocolate rabbit (Celebration Stove)

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    I’ve been playing a long time and this gem recipe is absolutely ridiculous. Now up to 40 items needed to make with 20 of them being garden items as well as being put on the same over crowded oven. I’ve also noticed a big difference in getting some items for gem recipes on the other oven. Tells me that they don’t want you getting gems.

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    The designers seem greedy. I can't complete a cruise or some goals without spending a lot of gems. It gets pricey quickly. This game is highly monetized and I feel forced to purchase gems. The game Township is much more generous with their offers and rewards. I don't know that I'll be playing much longer.

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    This game is adorable!

    My friend showed me this game during this event and it was so cute, the little bento boxes with animal shapes were so cute, the bunny patch and bunny Beth. Sadly I didn’t get much because of me just starting and a low level, but still a lot of fun

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