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Thread: A way to control your wall when you're away/on vacation...

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    A way to control your wall when you're away/on vacation...

    It would be cool if we could pin an important announcement to the top of our wall, or have a separate tab for announcements, and one for comments. That way when we go away and post announcements on our wall about how long we'll be gone, etc., they won't get buried under people's messages. I've gone on vacation too many times and left a message saying I'll be gone for a few weeks. Came back and the entire message had been swallowed by hundreds of "full lmkwc" comments. It gets out of control really fast.

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    Absolute YES on this! I wish I could have a pinned post at the top that STAYS on the top so I can put my ID & just say what I send for gifts, etc. I tip from neighbors tab and news tab so idc if you post that you tipped and I never read my wall bc of the incessant ?tips? posts no matter how many times I tell people not to bother. Add me and you?ll get tipped back. I bet the main reason I don?t get friend requests is bc my posts about my ID are quickly buried in tip posts and I don?t like going through them all to find other people posting their IDs. How do we get the makers to see your great and MUCH-NEEDED idea?

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