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Thread: Welcome to the Internet! - 2020 Mar 11

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitzi111 View Post
    I work so hard for the first 9 items,
    then on last thing... 21 turn-ins with no results?? NOT worth the wait.
    .... I finally got something from juicer, turned in the collection.... sigh NOT WORTH IT
    That's why I usually buy the Boost machine so I can make the last item.
    And quite often it is half price

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    Prizes From This Event
    Attention: Storm Team
    The decorations were beyond awesome!
    As a cat lover and the owner of two white kittens!
    Virtual Cat trophy - A cat sitting in a trophy!
    Better then any Leaderboard Trophy!
    IT Pig - 3 kittens popping up around it!
    Scrolling Computer - 4 pictures of cats scrolling - 2 of them white
    Tears of Joy!
    Cursor Statue - The cursor pointing at cats! Exquisite!
    How to Chicken - Chicken flipping a fried egg
    Makeup Pig - Perfect decoration for Valentine's Day
    Computer Monitor - What lovely Paths go perfect with Vaporwave Island
    Oh yes and two pets - Coconut Octopus and Instant Influencer
    Vlog Cow - Cow standing on hind feet and oh my looks like a pink pyjama top!
    This was the icing on the cake because my one white kitten sucks on a pink pyjama top!
    I burst out laughing thinking of Sucky Face with this cow!

    Can't wait for tomorrow's event!
    Especially at a time when everyone needs something to do!

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