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Thread: New Member Hangout

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    Hi! I am new to the forum but I love Fantasy Forest Story. If you want to know more about me, plz visit my profile. Everyone on the the forum is so nice and I would like to thank all of you.
    Funner52 if u have a question, u can send me a private message.
    Have a good rest of your day!
    Thanks again, Funner52

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    Even though this thread is old, I would like to add my reply.

    I do not feel intimidated with other people on this website, however I am intimidated of how people may perceive me on here. I hope I don't come off as annoying or anything of the sort.

    The only thing that I consider intimidating other than above - is when I get something wrong, and then someone has to correct me in the forum. Or I overthink things, or just embarrass myself all together, you should be well off if you do none of them things - and this is coming from someone who has done so.

    About me or get to know me section. About me/introduction: Hello, my name is Carlo but translates to Charles in English. I have used the nickname Jason in the past
    before I started using my real name (as I liked it very much at the time, and it's a cool name)- just because of the fact of its
    association to Halloween - in a way. I am from Italy. I am married with family of my own, so when I'm not working - on the forums - I'm with family or playing the game.

    I got the name kappy333 (or choose it) because at the time of creating my S8 ID,
    for some reason I was either thinking of bottle caps or caps lock on a computer, I cannot exactly remember, but it was 1 of them - oddly enough. 3 is my favourite number, so it only fit at the time.

    I hope this isn't too personal of an introduction. But here is mine.

    I'm not too new on this forum. my join date was in sometime in 2016 - because I forgot my password to one of my other bakeries. However I quit the forum for the most part, and didn't really read it much or post on it until 2018? I believe.

    It definitely was intimidating at first, because if you insert yourself in something new, it definitely will be. But I've got use to overtime. Or you feel you might accidentally post in the wrong thread/forum attachment.

    Games I've played. My first Storm8 (or teamlava at the time) game I started playing was (Restaurant Story) almost 9 years ago, however I don't play it anymore. I'm rarely on Restaurant Story now, because I get an overload of ads.

    I play dragon story here and there, but not enough for it to be considered causal play.

    The only game I really play anymore is Bakery Story. I get happy each time I log in & when I see my Candy Robot. or when I'm having a bad day. My neighbours (even though I rarely ever talk to them directly) are still very much helpful to me, even if they don't know or are aware of it yet.

    My older sister is 7 and a half years older than me (however I am not going to give an exact age - Mine or there's) and my eldest sister is 8 and a half years older.

    Fun fact my older sisters birthdays are only 1 day apart from each other's! Both birthdays are in June but obviously a year difference.
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