Thank you all for the feedback. Our teams are currently focused on current content. I can't speculate on future updates or unreleased content for the game.

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It’s completely unsettling that months have gone by and Staff have done absolutely NOTHING to correct this issue and give us the dragon we were SUPPOSED TO receive for MARCH OF HONOUR DRAGON TALES! I sent in a support ticket, I encourage everyone else to do the same. With enough of us complaining about our missing promised dragon, maybe then they will do something about it.
Please don't spam our support system. It disrupts service for players who are waiting for critical services like account recovery, purchase assistance, or bug resolutions. Support cannot make design decisions and your feedback has already been shared with relevant parties. Please do not attempt to force our teams to redirect their time from current content by causing harm to our support services. This is not an effective tactic and disruption of service is an actionable offense.