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Thread: Film Festival Event - 2020 Feb 26

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    Quote Originally Posted by judyandthecat View Post
    Not sure of your level.
    We make an item in the Deep Fryer not a drop unless you are a LOWER level and have a drop from there.

    Film Camera from Maple Trees
    Film Reel from Pigs
    Actor Headshot from Director Chair
    Shooting Scripts - random plane drops
    Director Horn from Movie Star (pops up around farm)
    Cold Soda from Fishing Pond
    Movie Popcorn - random drop after mining

    Film Tickets made in Deep Fryer
    Recipe Film Tickets
    15 minutes in Deep Fryer
    1 Actor's Headshot
    3 Director Horn
    Attachment 54825

    Please see post 1 page 1 for list of goals and when recipes appear
    All recipes in post 2 Page 1
    Ah, I'm dense, thanks.

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    I?m hardly collecting any film reels from the pigs. I have 12 pigs, and I can only collect from them once every 2.5 hours. When I collect, I?m lucky if I get 1 or 2 film reels, and often, I get none at all.
    It is physically impossible to collect enough film reels to finish the goals for this event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by storm81775 View Post
    New side goal:
    Give 13 pancakes
    Give 7 milk chocolate
    Give 6 maple cream
    Give 10 almond face masks
    Give 7 egg noodles
    Give 13 lotion jar
    Final Prize: 1000 coins, 1 Expansion Permit, 30 exp
    Terrible cost/benefit here. Nope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitzi111 View Post I just turned in 13 pancakes, 7 milk chocolates, and I'm about to turn in maple cream.... but am I doing all of this for one small thing like a shovel? or can of film?
    it?s one expansion permit
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    Between the low drop rate on scripts from deliveries, and the need for film reels from Pigs, I am seeing my odds of successfully completing this event drop precipitously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul__ View Post
    it?s one expansion permit
    Ugh i wish i had not turned in those items. Selling them would have been more beneficial. Why do they give an old expansion permit for all this work. I dont even use those anymore sigh
    thx for your reply Paul

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    2,155, knowing in advance that I only need 1 Completed Film Can and that it does not need Actor's Headshots, I can start making all the extra items that I need for the Farm Film Awards, right? And, knowing that I only need 1 Completed Film Can, I can sell any extra Film Cameras and Cold Sodas that I do not need, right?

    Anything to just reclaim some inventory space!

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    That's right!! Sort of... You will need the film camera for the golden envelopes

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    My pigs are not handing over any Film Reels, and I think I know why: they are all shooting audition reels to send to agents in hopes of becoming the next big animal star.

    That said, if anyone has Film Reels they don't want or need, please let me know.

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    I’ve just won the movie star & now need to buy a gazebo for 500 gems ��unless it can go in another home ??? Don’t think I’ll bother ! Waste of time. Disappointed

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