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Thread: Whitebloom Dragon - Common needed for World Event - Feb 21st 2020

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    Got it with Beau and Light Thanks Deadpixel for helping everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadpixel View Post
    Thanks for starting the thread Amerirish

    I got it on my second try breeding Neo White and Juliette  My first try breeding two Light Dragons produced another Light.

     Thanks. I used diamond and light on 2 islands and got it on the first try. My wife also used diamond and light on 2 islands and she also got it twice. There seems to be a pattern



    Some notes about breeding this dragon

    Breeding this with the recommended White + Green will give you ten possible outcomes. These include five 4-hour dragons and two truely nightmarish failures in the form a 26-hour Pegasus and a 27-hour Elder.

    Breeding two White dragons, such as Light + Light or Neo White + Light, will yield only two possible dragons, either a 9-hour Light Dragon or a 4-hour Whitebloom Dragon.

    You may also breed this with Valentine + White, which would give you the same possibilities as the pairing of two Whites. The reason for this is that the Valentine element is special and does not contribute in any way at all to the breeding. This was my choice

    Diamond + White is also a possibility, but this will add the possibility of a 44-hour Angel Dragon failure.
    Both my wife and I each got it on 2 islands using light and diamond. Thank you, your help really is appreciated:-)

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    Thanks deadpixel for all your help! I knew I should’ve waited for your message on here with all the specifics...instead of waiting I bred Valegram & Envious (White+Green) & got a Stone dragon. Then I used my Light dragon & Valegram & got it first try.

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