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Thread: Mint Chocolate - 2020 Feb 20

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    Mint Chocolate - 2020 Feb 20

    Mint Chocolate This is a 10 days cruise.

    Reminton is here! Find him in your restaurant and he'll bring an ingredient for his Chocolate Mintini recipe.

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    Cruise Guide
    Refer to Cruise Guide for more information.

    Cruise Day
    This cruise uses Set C in
    - On Day 2, we'll know if Set A is being used. `
    - On Day 8, we'll know if it's Set B or C.


    Once you have completed all 10 days, Reminton will visit your restaurant every ? hours and drop you the ingredient to make the Chocolate Mintini (gem recipe).

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    Gem Recipe
    Chocolate Minitni - 10 flour + 2 turbando sugar + 10 eggs + 10 special ingredient (drops from the character)
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