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Thread: Countdown to the End of Expansions

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    Countdown to the End of Expansions

    I am aware that many players have already run out of expansion space, but I have twenty-nine (29) plots left to open before I run out of space for expansion. At my present "slow" rate of one expansion per event, that would mean that I'd run out of space to play after 29 events or approximately 230 days of playing.

    Wow! That's less than a years' worth of entertainment left on DS

    What is the official word on new expansions in DS? Is Storm8 (or whoever) planning to release any new expansions?

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    Excellent question. I only have about 12 expansions left. It takes me about 10 days to expand, so I can?t even keep up with the events. This game seems designed to frustrate more than to relax and entertain.

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    It looks like I've got about 33 more spaces left
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    Please Storm8 - if you do not intend to upgrade to allow more expansions, let us know NOW.
    What about getting rid of the ice age dragon area. It is a waste of space - I have had no scope to do anything there for over a year. Although, given that nothing done there counts in any of the events, there is no point travelling there anyway.

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