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Thread: Is the Clam Chowder going away?

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    Is the Clam Chowder going away?

    It has a box around it, counting down to something. Is that when it will disappear?

    What's up with the Clam Chowder?

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    The recipes that are being used for the Side Goals have been getting the 15 Day Banner around them for the duration of the goal. I figure it's to make them easier for players to locate the correct recipes. The ones from the past two goals weren't removed after so I see no reason to think that the current recipes will be removed either.
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    I'll ask about this. General rule of thumb is a recipe will stay on the appliance unless it's been temporarily transferred over from a different appliance for the duration of the side goals (for example, Garlic Fries were temporarily available on a basic appliance for a previous goal).
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    I see. I wasn't paying attention before, I guess.

    Glad Clam Chowder is going to hang around.

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    This must be an iOS thing. I've never seen a banner around a recipe before. It sure would make it easier to find in the book!

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