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Thread: Enraged Elephant Spirit (EES)

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    Enraged Elephant Spirit (EES)

    This may sound smart-alecy but I don?t mean it that way. I?m genuinely perplexed. I worked long and hard to finally expand into Hidden Forest III, to finally acquire the elephant, and oc the property. Right away I?m informed, by Thurston I think, that we?ve awakened the Enraged Elephant Spirit and must fight him. So far there?s nothing out of the ordinary, right? Then EES appears and I see how many units of energy are required to subdue it! The number is so high that not all digits even fit in the bubble! Apart from my apoplexy over the energy digits, I?m seriously thinking maybe this is supposed to be a joke, or maybe a trick that idk about. Or maybe even a test, like I?m supposed to at some point understand that I?m meant not to fight him but to take some other action. Please let me know what I?m supposed to do. Bc meanwhile I have a flamingo trap that I paid for in gems and the event will end before I can move on to fighting the flamingo or any other monster. Thanks very much for any info!

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    that is how many it takes to kill him. sorry, but you are going to have to kill him in order to get another flamingo to kill
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    As shortdanzr said, you must slay the EES to clear it from your board.

    Perhaps you'd benefit by reading through the story guide when you start a goal so that you know what's expected of you well beforehand. I know that while I was doing the main goals, I found it invaluable to be able to check the forum at any time to verify where I'm at in a goal and what's coming down the pipeline so I could prepare my realm or collect any items needed early. There are some players who prefer to be surprised by the next goal, but I am not one of them so I think the goal guides are one of the best reasons to use the forum

    Here's a link to the Hidden Forest Storyline:*

    And if you look at the first post of the linked thread, you'll see SpiritWind has all of the informational threads linked for easy access such as the Main Story Goal Guide and the Inventory list - both of which I use on a near daily basis.

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    Thanks, shortdanzr and AnnirasSweets, good to know 👏🏽😊

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    Also, you really don't need to pay gems for a trap to fight the wild flamingo. They spawn from sparkling mines and sawmills :-)

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