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Thread: Hearty Sofa Alignment Issue

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    Hearty Sofa Alignment Issue

    The Hearty Sofa deco (unlocked during the current goal) has an issue with its alignment.

    When it's facing toward the left of the board, it sits properly but as soon as it's rotated to face the front of the board it shifts out of its designated area which makes using it difficult as it never sits exactly where you want/need it to.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for posting. Is anyone looking into this?

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    I was actually just viewing one of my neighbours bakery, and they actually have it at the edge of there bakery - and it looks more apparent. I didn't notice anything too wrong with the picture, and thought nothing of it up until this point. But now that I've seen it near an edge of a bakery, it stands out more than ever.

    It looks like it's trying to escape the bakery.

    I would post a picture - however they do use the forums themselves. So I'll just let them post a picture if they ever do.

    There always seem to be some sort of reoccurring error with the goals. And it appears it was done too fast or with little to no thought after it was made.

    Supposedly I've seen that there is not beta testers in a post forum post. but I really think if they don't have one, they should - to prevent this sort of error again.

    Found the post! However it was clear back in 2011 - so things could've changed. But I highly doubt it, since there's many errors or goals without errors lately.

    Quote Originally Posted by GroupMagma View Post
    This item should be available to every one in an upcoming update. We don't have beta testers in TL, so I'm not sure why this would be available, but the item will be in the game soon.
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    This has been reported over.
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