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Thread: glitch just cost me 46 gems.

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    glitch just cost me 46 gems.

    Upon opening the game a pop-up window that sometimes comes up with the message "You ran out of time to complete this goal! Would you like to finish now for xx amount of gems?" I get these message even if I have completed the goal in question. However I usually just exit and re-enter the game to stop the pop-ups.
    However today I didn't catch it time and my finger hit the screen to serve my food - the pop-up was too fast and I'm now out 46 gems. The kicker is I already completed that goal so I gained literally nothing.
    I've gotten bamboozled like this in the past and honestly, I've just eaten the cost, but 46 gems? 46!? Do you have any idea how long that takes to earn? And to lose 46 gems on a goal prize I'd already completed? Come on storm 8 that's just downright unfair. Do I have any hope of those gems being restored?

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    I am so sorry this happened.

    You can try contacting support for assistance in recovery.

    See support link in my signature.
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