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Thread: Spin To Win: Sweetheart Dragon 11 Feb 2020

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    I spun the wheel a bajillion times with ads and no dragon whatsoever ☹️

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    No dragon yet for me, but I've been so busy and trying to get through the Tournament I haven't used videos to get more spins yet. That's starting today. Last spin to win event, I got all the dragons....hoping to at least get some dragons that I don't have yet this time around.

    EDIT: So far, 2 Sweatheart dragons and one Soulmate (I already have that one but can trade for essence) on my main account. No dragons on the baby accounts.
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    For once got pretty lucky, got love letter, soulmate and sweetheart

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    a bunch of decor, food, and coins. also got:
    1 sweetheart
    2 lovebird
    3 soulmate (already have this one)
    1 love light
    1 love letter
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    Across my 4 accounts I did ok. Never did get a Lovelight, so I bought it for 75 gems. Dragons 100 gems and under I figure are affordable. The oldest of my accounts only got a total of 2 dragons, while my baby account got about 9 or 10, mostly Lovebirds. I'll keep a couple and then have some fodder for Essence so that account can start building. I used to hate spinning for coins, but with how expensive it is to expand with Marble Keys, I was happy to get coins, too. The only useless spins for me were all the decor.

    Thank you, S8, for giving us a Spin to Win. It was a fun week!

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    I agree, Thank you S8! This was my first Spin to daughter & I loved it. How often do they do these?

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