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Thread: Problem with abandoned game: FASHION STORY

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    Problem with abandoned game: FASHION STORY

    Hi. I write a topic here hoping that someone responsible for the game will listen to me. I first apologize for my bad English and if I have misspellings or express myself badly.
    The game Fashion Story and its forum is abandoned and totally neglected. No one helps or fix anything. I have a iphone with ios 9.3.6 and no work. This problem affects many more people and Storm8 does nothing. What's going on here? I am very disappointed. I know that this issue is out of place but please do something about it. Take care a little to his faithful players please... We deserve much more!!! Thanks.

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    Unfortunately, this isn't much of a bug. I do not play fashion story but I do know that there is a specific discussion for it - as all S8 games do or did.

    If you do want your post seen or possibly seen by people who manage or are in control of fashion story, I'd recommend writing there. As your post is more so likely to be seen there more than it is in the Bakery Story bugs and issues sub category. Since this isn't about Bakery Story, let alone bugs (glitches)

    I do however, understand why you may want to post this here, as bakery story seems to be more played/ noticed by actual s8 employees or people who have contact/connection to them.

    But unfortunately, it will not be looked into much since this particular thread isn't about that game in particular.

    No offence to you, I just thought it'd be better to post that there instead of here. As there maybe a better chance to get it seen.

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