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This is a message for players who don't have Cabbage's stored, and because of that maybe don't read the Baron's Tent Prizes thread, but who DO have the Sweetheart Shack.
You can do the Sweetheart Trade number 2. When you craft items that are also in the Tent this month, it counts towards the 'Who's Challenge is it Anyway?' goal.
When you craft/win 4 of the items you get a free super cute Pink Seal.

This counts for drops too. If there is a prize in the Tent that also drops from a decoration/ animal you have, and it drops, it counts toward the Baron's Challenge too.
So even if you don't have Cabbages, it's good to Check the thread once in a while!


I'm posting this here because until recently I never had any Cabbages and didn't check the Baron's Tent Threads.
I wasn't aware that crafts or drops counted towards the challenge too, and I might have missed out on some free prizes because of it.

Good luck with the last day of the Flamingo Fiasco Challenge!
Collecting from Valentine Babies can also drop some of the items that count as well.