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Thread: Colorful Conflict: Leaderboard Event - February 4, 2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neilisha View Post
    I have realised that when u speed breed it don't give any point at all been happening since November

    I’m still getting points when I speed breed.

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    I have gotten crowns every time so far this sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by random59 View Post
    They are not the top of the leaderboard but in the top 20, even though I have 2 Envious Dragons under construction, I will be building up my food supply and not actively participating in this event!

    We really need A NEW, EXCITING, CONCEPT, in this game NOW!
    The leader on my board is in ninth place at the moment, but she is one of the winners so she won?t stay there.

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    I complained about receiving mystic maps twice in a row from 2 chest. Why would I would I think that it is reward. Can't use for past 3 years. If they can divide lower level and higher levels in the game then they should be able to give us keys for our expansion needs. Humour.......the first two spins got mystic maps.
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