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Thread: Bakery Story: February - December 2020

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    Add me

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    Add me LacKerZ

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    Add beachinhawaii and/or iridescentunicorn. Not a daily tipper except for those who post on my wall. Others I just tip when I have time. Usually i have 2-3 ⭐️. However I gift right at the reset time every day (mass gifting goal parts or random part/food if not in a goal) and respond to requests fairly quickly.

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    if you're ok with rarely tips add me - pinkcupcakeee

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    Add me: myshop777 (I?m also playing restaurant story!)

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    I gift goal parts or cappuccino and basic parts in between goals. I'm looking for people who have played the game for years as that I have been for 10, and are daily players.

    ID tanatanababy

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    I gift parts and looking for likewise neighbors. Add me if you only gift parts please- LindaMarie71. If you need help in Restaurant or Fashion story feel free to add me there as well. Thanks!

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    alliguizar add me

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    3-4 star neighbors!!! ( I DONT ACCEPT 0-2 HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND) (tips/gift almost daily, (you dont have to leave a post on wall)

    please have your GIFT preference on your wall or write it on my wall!! (i can not stress this enough it is highly aggravating when neighbors dont let me know what gift they want and then complain when i send them random gifts, please lets avoid this from the start and make it easier on the both of us) : D

    Im also looking for neighbors who do goals! plus actively respond to all request sent out!! (I will do the same)
    if thats you add me
    ID antihunnie
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