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Thread: Bakery Story: February - December 2020

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    Hi please add me Id:Cutiepie10116

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    Hi! please add me <3 id: AnceAntilope

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    Add me confusedhobo

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    Add me: Peachy6802

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    Dec 2015
    Hi! I’m looking for new neighbors that play daily and accept requests. I play several times a day (usually ) and accept requests sent but I don’t tip unless I have time. If you’d like to be my neighbor, my ID is 9ghost. I also play restaurant story and castle story if you’d like to add me on those as well.

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    Oct 2013
    Chicago, USA
    Looking for active neighbors to answer requests and send current goal parts. I play all day, and tip/gift daily, but don’t expect it from neighbors. Add Rees630 if interested. Thank you!

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    I play daily. I don't tip but will return them. I gift parts and goal parts. I just need neighbors who answer requests and send gifts. I don't care how many stars, I'm not A*N*A*L* like that. Add me: Judgejudyfan

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    please add sugarsugarz
    I'm a daily player, gifting and accepting requests.
    I don't need tips. Thanks!

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    Hello. Please add lovebaking76. Looking fo active neighbors!! I always answer requests/send gifts daily. I always tip, but on those rare occasions that I get busy or sick that I don’t, but I will tip ASAP!!

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    May 2021
    Heyyy, please add me: doeshsds I'm new to the game and need active neighbours. I need to build some kind of stove. it needs stuff that I need to ask neighbours. Ty💕

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