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Thread: Restaurant Story: February 2020 - December 2020

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    Nov 2014
    Please add ladysurvivor. I'm a level 99 player and I just purged my friends list of inactive players. I tip goal parts every day!

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    Hi everyone !
    I'm an active player and I'm looking for active neighbors to exchange tips and gifts
    Add NotYourMomsCuisi (yeah I know, I screwed up the end of my name.. Haha)

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    add me restarting the game robynmarie222001

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    I?m in WA, play all day to answer Requests, looking for goal players , I?m beginning to lose my interest due to neighbors not communicating ,
    Last edited by PookiesSweetstuff; 08-20-20 at 08:46 AM. Reason: Confused BS with RS

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    Add: Bluestar9721

    I gift and respond to requests daily. I try to tip daily but depending on how busy my day may be i might not tip for a day or two.
    I personally dont mind if someone doesnt tip or gift me, just as long as my requests are being responded.

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    Add me eatthemoney
    I gift everday
    I'm friendly

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    ID: smokey0504

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    Aug 2020


    Be my neighborr

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    add me! ID: rena_cheese

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    Hi add me i lost my account was at 99 starting again after 2 years. Active daily.
    add MostafaTheWise

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