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Thread: A function to increase speed at which food on counters gets finished?

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    Lightbulb A function to increase speed at which food on counters gets finished?

    The only function I would like to have in Bakery Story is the ability to clear off all the food on my counters and get money from it in one lump sum. Currently, it's taking way too slow for food to be eaten off my counters. Thoughts?

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    (photo of my bakery with rows and rows of food)

    Edit: Thanks for all your suggestions, I'll definitely try this T layout!
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    When my food was selling too slowly, I did a remodel to make it so that all my bots only have to walk 8 steps to their seats which really increases their rate of entering/eating/leaving. Using one of the models laid out in the thread below, I can clear counters with tens of thousands of servings in just a few days which is great when I want to redecorate but not waste food by tossing out the counters. I swear, you will be a-mazed by how much of a difference the seating arrangement can make.

    Personally, I use the "Narrow T Design" that is laid out in post #140 in both my RS and BS games. It ensures that I get a steady stream of bots at their max pace while also freeing up enough of the floor plan that I can redecorate which is important for me.

    Old but still useful and relevant design thread:

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    I also use the T layout if I want to clear food quickly. You can create a feeding pen design too which I've used before depending on how I want to decorate my bakery.

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    I use the ?T? layout as well, but I don?t use as many tables/chairs as the original creator did. I either use the ?T? or just put all them in a line. Less steps=more

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