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Thread: Goal problem

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    Goal problem

    Lately when im been doing goals im haveing problem it said i only cook one item when i didnt

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    Which recipe specifically and which goal? Is it not counting your recipes at all or just tallying them incorrectly?
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    Moved to Bugs & Issues. Could you go into more detail about the problem you're experiencing, and possibly post screenshots as well? I don't know how much I'll be able to help without more information
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    Well, hello everyone.
    RS is a very nice game, and I've played since 2014, and I haven't experienced many problems, until yesterday, that I installed some games mentioned in the 'goals' part ,but this didn't give me any gems!
    And yes, I opened the installed games and played a little, and I immediately opened RS afterwards. I closed both games and reopened, but still RS didn't give any gems.
    I used my mom's phone, thinking that there's problem with my own device, but it didn't work either.
    Please tell me what to do, for I need gems!

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