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Thread: What do we want from Fantasy Forest Story?

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    What do we want from Fantasy Forest Story?

    Hello to the few remaining people who still visit the FFS forum! I don't think the forum allows people who are not mods or community managers to create polls, but I thought that maybe we could have a single thread where we express what we would like to see happen with FFS. I thought that I could create a few questions that everyone could answer (like a poll, but not in poll format), and maybe we could then bring this to the attention of the community managers, or maybe I could send the aggregated responses to Support or something. I know that we all have a lot of personal preferences, like some of us prefer a certain type of animal or some of us don't like leaderboards or whatever, but I thought that I would stick with some basic questions, and you can comment your answers below. Here goes:

    1. Do you want to see Fantasy Forest Story, henceforth referred to as FFS, continue to offer new content?
    2. Do you want FFS to continue to offer regular events, like the Forest Party and the Leaderboard? If yes, do you want the events to last for a month at a time or go back to 7-10 days each?
    3. Do you want FFS to continue to offer weekly sales in the market?
    4. Do you want FFS to continue to offer the sales that pop up on the right side of our screens? The current sale is set to last for 2 years! Do we want to revert to weekly sales?
    5. Do you want FFS to offer more land/expansions?
    6. Do you want FFS to continue to offer new premium habitats that we can buy in the market?
    7. Do you want FFS to make all the 4 animal habitats upgradeable to hold 5 animals?
    8. Do you want more of the older animals to be re-released for us to breed?
    9. If FFS offered sales and new content, would you spend money on this content?
    10. If FFS does not offer any new content, will you continue to play the game? If so, for how long? Do you have certain goals you are trying to reach in your games before you quit playing (collect more animals, collect a certain type of animal, etc)?
    11. Do you want FFS to continue to release tournaments? If so, how frequently (weekly, monthly, etc)?
    12. Do you want FFS to at least give us the opportunity to battle for the remaining birthstone ponies (last year they let us battle once a month for that month's birthstone, but that didn't start until June or July, so we still have several months' worth of ponies to collect)?
    13. Is there any important aspect that I have forgotten to ask?

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    1-6: yes
    7: That would be nice.
    8. YES
    9. Yes. At the moment I am hesitant to invest in the game because it appears that FFS is ending.
    10. Not sure. If the events cease or continue to be a month long, I will probably quit soon.....
    11. YES!! Weekly.
    12. Yes
    13. I would like the Colosseum not to be a multiple year event. I have the current pony and I would like a chance to fight for a different animal.

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    I'd love for the birthstone ponies to be available in the tournaments. Even if they just did one tournament a month that would be great. I liked the tournaments in general but it wasn't something I necessarily participated in unless I liked the creature. I would be happy with one event per month if they brought back the storybook adventure. I will not be spending any more money on this game unless it looks like they're going to be putting in some effort somewhere.

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    1. Si
    3. Si
    4. Si..settimanali
    5. Si
    6. Si
    7. Si
    8. Si
    9. Si..come in passato
    10. Per pochissimo tempo ancora
    11. Si..settimanali
    12. ne mancano ancora alcuni
    13. Vorrei che riproponessero lo lo adoravo..forse l'evento che ho amato di pi?. E anche il Colosseo a 30 giorni...sarebbe fantastico !!
    Grazie Mymonta per questa splendida idea e per l'opportunit? che in questo modo dai a noi pochi giocatori rimasti di esprimerci!! Grazie davvero 😊

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    Id like to see more frequently released content in the form of a standard leaderboard event every week (and maybe also monthly) with just 1 or 2 animals, just whats realistic for the designers and the budget.
    But the leaderbords as standard and furthermore
    - the possibility to put habitats and or animals in storage
    - and / or more expansions

    I will check next week if Storm8 has listened to people this month, otherwise the time after will be a year or none later

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    Thanks for offering this oppprtunity, whether or not it reflects the game I guess we will see. I’ve been playing FFS regularly for 6 years this March. So I’ll answer your questions in the order of importance to me.

    5. YES EXPANSION! More room is the key for allowing me to continue on.

    7. DEFINITELY. Expanding any existing habitats to 5 would be a plus.

    11. YES Weekly tournaments are great. And totally optional. You play if you want.

    8. I love it when they Re release older animals. They are terrific for new players and for some of us older players that were unable to breed for them or win them. IE I never won a Great Danebow. I’d love to try and get him. And I’m not a game creator but I’d think it wouldn’t be hard or time consuming for them to do.

    1. Yes
    2. I am fine with either 10 day or month long leaderboard / World Party events. Because the final tally points (in world events) are too grand for me, I rarely compete (unless say I don’t have the first animal) because it’s too unrealistic.
    3. Yes
    4. Yes
    6. Yes
    9. Yes
    10. I MIGHT, MIGHT play until my animals all reach level 15 or I breed for some ultra gem animals. Not sure.
    11. Yes
    12. Yes

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    Thank you to everyone for your responses! I am dealing with some additional work loads right now and haven't had a chance to write everything up and submit to a Community Manager or Support or anything yet. I also kind of want to wait and see what they do when this event ends on Friday.

    BTW, Storm8 just got bought by another company, so it will be interesting to see if they make any changes to the way things are currently being run. Obviously we can't expect things to change overnight. I honestly don't know if they will keep Fantasy Forest story going. S8 currently has 50 games. FFS is about number 22 as far as how much income it brings in, so that at least puts it in the top 50% of their games, but it only makes about $20,000 per month versus other games that bring in hundreds of thousands.

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    Looks like they just canned leaderboards in FFS next event is another forest party. Sad, since LBs were the reason I started playing more seriously. I didn't realise things were so bad for the game. $20,000 isn't a lot of dev/designer hours (on top of infrastructure costs). Thanks for sharing what u know, mymonta!

    Back on topic, I'd like to see 10 day or week long events come back. I've tried to play the current month long format and am finding it hard to stay motivated. The mistakes build up and the last milestone quickly becomes unattainable.

    I'd like to see the regular tournaments and colloseum come back. That would be a reason to keep logging in even with month long events.

    Can't say no to more breedables. I'm glad they release a few more recently. I'm maxed out on my forest but through careful management and restraint I've still got space for animals. New expansions would still be appreciated, or a stable feature like in Dragon story.

    My primary remaining goals are to get all the gem giving animals and food giving animals. Despite no more leaderboards that use up these resources >_<

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    I can?t answer all the questions now but will try later. But the quick point I wanted to make was while 20k isn?t great. If the game was developing or progressing then I know I would and so would more others (I can pretty much guarantee) would put money into the game and therefor increase their revenue.

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    THANK YOU mymonta...again, honestly.
    And everyone who contributed here.
    I hope they care enough to provide SOME answers.

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