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Thread: Cook with Glimmermouth -no prizes

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    Cook with Glimmermouth -no prizes

    Why was it changed that you no longer get a breaded fish when you Cook with Glimmermouth?

    I spent 2 days collecting wool and horse hair to make 7 fishing nets, waited the 4 and 8 hours to get the glimmermouth, then 6 hours each to cook them. Times 7. And nothing. What is going on????

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    Drops are not guarantied.
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    Ok. Thanks. I guess I'm done with this game.

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    Yes, happening lately with the glimmermouth longer fish sandwiches, of bread fish nor the mercury feast since an update to fix bugs. Now the stew or the butterfly fish is what you get.

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    Is this something I need to escalate to S8? I never do this kitchen craft....

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    I don't do any crafts anymore. Don't bother "escalating it". Pretty sure no one else cares.

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    If people are at a certain place in the game, they will care v much. : )
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    Nah, they just quit.

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    Same thing happened with me. Very annoying and yes def something S8 needs to look at. This game needs and keep the new players on board. My best guess was that most of the fish recipes were not activated in my kitchen and therefore resulted in nothing at all. Still this shouldn’t happen at all. If the game bugs you in an early stage then players leave. Same with troll essence (wrote a post about it) which very, very rarely drops from a troll. I had one so far and I slayed a LOT of trolls. If I were S8 I would read this kind of posts, respond and act on it.

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    I only get the soup/stew when doing this kitchen craft Cook with Glimmermouth. If there's nothing to serve this to in the future, I don't see the point of making the fishing poles and nets, then doing the adventure to get the glimmermouth. And I'm really upset I bought the bait shop 🤢.

    I tried to send email to customer support via the in game link, to no avail.
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