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Thread: Castle Story 2020: Doorbuster sales | Limited time offers | Sales information

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeikaEmberstorm View Post
    Aww. I'm sorry you missed it. I haven't been in game the past little bit but I hadn't been seeing pop ups. The items in the market had countdown timers.
    Oh. Durr. So they did, I remember now. LOL

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    Just an update. I have received one cabbage from the Bear-On in 7 days. I received 1 Elvenite from my lion in 5 days. Mantistorm Cub makes my day, though, just by being cute, plus he drops some fun items. Halfling Beastie has yet to drop a single feast. Siren is ok. I did get an expansion permit from her on one account so far. She?s pretty to look at, too.

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