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Thread: Castle Story 1/9: Gone to the Sled Dogs | event information on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dqueenie View Post
    Oh my goodness, I'm not alone! I did manage to waste 15 gold on those cute pups, though. I don't see any advantage to having 5 pups versus 4 as I've not collected more than 4 bones per gather, and usually just 3.
    Same! I feel like 4 is more than enough gold nuggets. I saved up and bought a Gold Mine last Black Friday sale but every possible gold nugget drop is REGULARLY hit in hopes of restocking before the next event. I feel most fortunate I generally get 3 bones per collection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eam13 View Post
    Game keeps glitching out and stealing my energy!! Grr. Anyone else? Just me? (Probably just me, this game has a target on my back.)
    Mine too. Either that, or sometimes it steals my gems

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    I decided to wait a while to really start the event as I saw the first 12 potions. Now i have 3 pups - I am really shocked about the 3 golden nuggets!! - and after I saw the needed 50+ bones and 20 more potions, Im glad that I didnt try so hard last week. I hope the next one will be better...
    I would really wish for a storybook, sth like the christmas one from a while back, with: On a first day of Christmas... this was so nice
    And with a storybook there always new things every day

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    Just got my second Trade Ticket as a drop from the Level 7 Arctic Sled. This is very rare good luck for me.

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